How to digitalise your menu in eXpressoApp? It’s free and simple!

How to digitalise your menu in eXpressoApp? It’s free and simple!

One of the first things which you will need to do when you sign up for an account with us at eXpressoApp, is create and digitalise your menu.


Your menu is the most important part of our platform, which is why we have focused on delivering as many useful features in this space as we possibly can. We are also, always trying to add and enhance this section of our app with your support and feedback.


In order to allow customers to scan a QR code or place orders via your website, you will need a digital menu within eXpressoApp. Your menu can be built with a simple drag-and-drop interface and it allows for easy option customisation to ensure that your offline menu can be suitably replicated within eXpressoApp.


Additionally, if you are unable to replicate your menu, please do reach out to us either by email or via the Chat function on this page and we will assist in digitalising your menu on your behalf!

Creating your menu visually

Digitalising your current paper menu should not be difficult. We make it easy.

    • Create multiple menus which can be enabled and disabled throughout the day as per availability.
    • Add multiple sections and items, dragging and drop them into the order you desire.

Customised Items

    • Create Customisations on a global level so that they can be added to multiple items with a click of a mouse or tap of a finger.
    • Add Stock items and attach them to customisations or menu items to easily remove from stock when stock items are unavailable. For example, if you no longer have any cheese, all items which contain cheese can be removed from stock in single swipe.

Compliance is paramount

You have a legal responsibility to ensure your customers are aware of dietary and allergen information. So why does it need to be complicated...

    • Easily mark items as containing any of the 14 standard allergens which is prominently displayed on your digital menu.
    • Ensure you remain compliant with the recommendations and guidelines supplied by the Food Standards Agency.
    • Also, provide dietary information for items which are vegetarian, vegan, and Halal.
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