How does order tracking and fulfilment work? It’s really simple!

Order Tracking

How does
order tracking work in eXpressoApp?

1. Order Placed

Customers place their order by selecting items from your customised digital menu.

2. Order Received

Your dashboard is automatically updated with the pending order. You decide whether to Accept or Reject the order.

3. Decision Made

Once the order has been accepted it will move into the "Accepted Orders" pane. The customer will be updated.

4. Fulfilment

Filter order items by Food and Drink allows you to operate separate Bar and Kitchen areas. Mark each item as complete as they are prepared.

5. Complete the Order

Once all items have been completed. Mark the entire order as complete. The customer will be notified.

6. Collection

If your store supports Collection and the customer has selected this option, they will be made aware that their order is ready to be collection from your chosen collection point.

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